High-precision ICURO RI58 incremental encoders

ICURO RI58 Incremental Encoder
ICURO RI58 Incremental Encoder

ICURO RI58 incremental encoders: Extremely precise, flexible and smart

The incremental ICURO RI58 rotary encoders from Hengstler don't just have a high resolution of 10,000 PPR. They also offer designers a wide range of flange and connection options and, if required, a wide-range power supply of 3-38V. In the event of an impending malfunction, the encoders also trigger an alarm automatically.

Hengstler has developed a special optical design to enable high precision for the encoders.  For this reason, the direct-read meter of the rotary encoders actually has 10,000 physical lines.  This is different for many industry rotary encoders: They calculate the respective output value with mathematical methods from a lower-resolution sinus/cosinus signal.  "When we make our rotary encoders, we push the boundaries of physical possibility", says Peter Elbel of Hengstler.

As a result of Hengstler's own true-read technology in conjunction with the extremely detailed direct-read meter of the ICURO RI58 incremental encoder, the output value cannot be affected by temperature, load of ageing, unlike the interpolated signals of many conventional rotary encoders.  The result is a high-resolution angle or speed measurement with a consistent repeat accuracy.  

If a malfunction ever occurs, the ICURO RI58 issues an alarm signal which can be displayed optically or transmitted to a higher-level control.  Ideal applications for these highly shock-resistant rotary encoders are tool, packaging, injection moulding and sawing machines, as well as CNC axes and motors.

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