ACURO AD58 Absolute



  • For brushless servomotors
  • Fully digital and high-speed
  • +120°C operating temperature
  • 10,000 rpm in continuous operation
  • Geared optical multiturn
  • SSI or BiSS interface
  • Optional sinewave 1 Vpp: harmonic distortion less than 1%
  • 500 kHz bandwidth

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Product FamilyAD58
Ordering InformationRotaryEncoderAD58
Fuction / ApplicationAbsolute
  • UL
  • CE
Housing Diameter [mm]58 mm
Solid- / Hollow Shaft
  • Hollow 10 ... 12 mm
  • Solid 10 mm
Protection Rating Housing< IP40
Operating Temperatur [°C]-15 ... +120 °C
Housing OptionAluminium
  • Cable
  • PCB connector
Revolutions [rpm]10,000 rpm
Resolution ST [Bit]12 ... 22 Bit
Resolution MT [Bit]12 Bit
InterfaceBiSS / SSI

The AD58 multi-turn absolute encoder is an optical encoder with a multi-turn gear and optical scanning. The mechanical concept is based on a shaft assembly mounted in dual ball-bearings with a flexible torque support. As a result, these encoders are suitable for incorporating in BLDC servo motors and such demanding applications as CNC, precision positioning and high-resolution printing. The encoder is available with resolutions of up to 22 bits single-turn and 12 bits multi-turn.